General Meeting Summary 2015

We kicked off the first-ever general meeting of the Game Cultures Society by discussing GCS’s goals and mission and revealing the new logo, designed by Serina Patterson.

At the moment, most of GCS’s founders and members are medievalists and early modern scholars and there was some discussion about eventually expanding into other fields and venues. With such strong medievalist interest, GCS decided to continue offering panels and workshops at ICMS in Kalamazoo, MI, the largest academic gathering of medievalists, and brainstormed possible sessions for 2016. GCS also agreed to sponsor a co-panel on games and pedagogy with MEMO, the Medieval Electronic Multimedia Organization.

GCS agreed to suggest three topics:
–a medieval chess workshop
–a roundtable on key concepts in premodern games
–a paper panel on games, play, and literature

Betsy McCormick also suggested running a co-panel at SEMA‘s conference (the Southeastern Medieval Association).

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