CFP for Board Game Studies Colloquium, April 2018, in Athens

The 21st annual Board Game Studies Colloquium will be hosted by the Benaki Museum at Athens (Greece), from Monday 23rd April to Thursday 26th April 2018. The conference theme is “Dialogues and Interactions.”

In collaboration with Véronique Dasen, professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Fribourg, principal investigator of the ERC Advanced Grant Project “LocusLudi. The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity” , and Ulrich Schädler, Director of the Swiss Museum of Games and partner of the ERC project,the organizers would like to dedicate one entire day to explore ancient game-relatedmaterial evidence, putting special emphasis on the role of games as vehicle of cultural transmission and interactions. Continuity and reception of antiquity in board games and/or related materials of different ages will be also explored. Papers on other aspects of board game studies, in any academic field, will also be equally welcome.

Proposals should aim at a 20-minute presentation in English or in French; deadline for abstract submission is January 10, 2018. For instructions on how to submit, and more information, see:

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