About Us

Founded in 2014, the Game Cultures Society is a consortium of North American and European scholars pursuing the study and appreciation of games, play, and ludic activities as significant aspects of cultures from antiquity to the digital age. These studies analyze games in their cultural context as important objects, and in the various forms they appear, including pre-digital, textual, metaphysical, tabletop, digital, and other ludic forms.  The GCS promotes and encourages collaboration and discussion among scholars through sessions at international conferences, such as the International Congress on Medieval Studies, regional conferences, and electronic media (including websites, bibliographies, and electronic newsletters).



Betsy McCormick, Mount San Antonio College

Serina Patterson, University of British Columbia

Kimberly Bell, Sam Houston State University

Juan Escourido, University of Pennsylvania

Julie Couch, Texas Tech University

Erika Gaffney, Acquisitions Editor for ARC/MIP/U of Amsterdam

Vanina Kopp, Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris


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